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Little City Lights

Crafty Home Decorations

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Have a browse through the photos we and our customers took of Little City Lights. You can find 

many more pictures and videos in our social media in the contact section!

Good to Know


Each of the houses in each set can be assembled without any glue or tools. Check out the 'Assembly' section for more on this.

Once assembled, each decoration can be placed on any battery-powered LED light. Thanks to the thin card and festive artwork, the complete Christmas village will produce a warm, ambient light effect.

Your new decorations come packaged in a stylish vinyl sleeve, perfect for gifts and vintage/retro-lovers.

Little City Lights are 100% recyclable and 100% designed and made in the UK.

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What Are They?

Little City Lights are a set of vintage-handmade-style house ornaments

What Are They?
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Alpine Chapel: Inspired by the little mountain churches of the alps. Complete with a clock tower.

Townhouse: As grand as a little card house gets! Complete with a façade, double doors and a loft window!

Village Cottage: With twin chimneys and a traditional timber frame. As English as a house gets!

Forest Hut: Inspired by classic children's literature, particularly the brothers Grimm.

Detailed instructions and safety booklet

Vinyl sleeve packaging: beautiful, sustainable, festive and perfect for retro-lovers.

What's Inside?

How Do They Work?

How Do They Work?

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Little City Lights are put together without glue or tools, and can be displayed in some weird and wonderful ways!

Each house is assembled in around 10 minutes, by folding over the 2D net and inserting 'keys' into 'locks' to form the 3D structure. All Little City Lights come with detailed, step-by-step instructions, which are also available as a video here:

Little City Lights White can be coloured and assembled, or assembled and coloured... or just assembled and displayed! Blank minimalism looks great too. The idea behind them is for us to provide the shape, and for you to populate it with any design you want!

All our products can accommodate an LED light through an opening in the base. The opening is designed to firmly grip and balance the house on a string of fairy lights. To accommodate a larger tabletop LED candle, simply make a small cut to the 'cross' in the base to increase the diameter of the opening as required.

You can even hang Little City Lights up! Simply pass a ribbon through convenient little holes in the roof.

Christmas Trees
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Little City Lights started off as Christmas decorations.

We are some of the first designers to use card products on Christmas trees. They look magical when they glow and are a brilliant gift for anyone who'd like to put something truly unique on their tree.


To be able to do this, we invested in a flame-retardant spray that is compatable with card products. And it worked - Little City Lights don't catch fire" 


We offer this flame retardant variant as an optional extra. Simply select this option in the shop. 

Unlike the standard variant, flame-retardant Little City Lights may be used on Christmas trees. 


Flame retardant Little City Lights are treated  with a non-toxic, water-based, odour-free solution. They do not catch fire. They are nearly as easy to assemble and look identical to the standard version.

Flame retardant products underwent compliance testing in an independent British laboratory. Test results can be viewed in the website footer. 

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How Are They Made?
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How Are They Made?

The design and development process is done by hand.

We use watercolour paint to echo the vintage aesthetic of mid-20th century crafts. We worked to make assembly both fun and accessible, so we ensured that it does not need to involve the use of any tools. Instead, we perfected a die-cuttable design, which is both simple and functional.

Little City Lights are made of carefully selected card, which has the following qualities:

  • The texture of watercolor paper.

  • Thin enough to allow enough light through for the decoration to glow.

  • Rigid enough to simplify assembly and ensure durability. 

We litho-print Little City Lights to preserve the fine watercolour detailing, down to the individual brush strokes.​

At the end, we package them into our signature vinyl sleeves and post them directly to you!

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Our Story

Our Story

In the 1950s and 60s, like many others, our grandparents made their own festive decorations.


They became a sort of icon in our family around Christmas time. It feels satisfying that nobody else had exactly the same houses and they always bring back warm childhood memories.

Our family continued this tradition every year, since we think there's something inventive, satisfying and cozy about handmade decorations.

And so, we had an idea for a brand: A range of sustainable and stylish ornaments, inspired by handmade decorations from the days of a not-so-commercialised Christmas.

We also wanted our customers to experience crafting their own decorations. We sincerely hope you enjoy assembling and admiring your Little City Lights!

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